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The national anthem sung by someone who knows how! Awe binds us together. Our thinking shifts from me to we. Astronauts feel this in the extreme. Call it a wow of astronomical proportions. Awe helps us see things in new ways.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s 30th Anniversary “Happiness Year” Celebration!

Awe makes us nicer—and happier. It makes us act more generously, ethically and fairly.

What is the history of the Second Line?

Not surprisingly, the tree-gazers reported higher awe. Awe alters our bodies.

That suggests a possible role in health and healing, and may help explain the raft of recent studies that have linked exposure to nature with lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems and more. Researchers even wonder whether a lack of nature and other opportunities for feeling awe might add to the stresses and health damage that come from living in urban blight or poverty. When they write about these experiences and share them in the classroom, she says, kids who never talk in class or pay attention come to life.

Kids and grown-ups alike have fewer chances these days to find such transformative moments. Could more awe be just what the doctor ordered?

Making Life Happier - with Dr Mark Williamson

Bare thinks so. He credits backpacking and rock-climbing trips with nothing less than saving his life. In , not long after that Druid Arch hike with his brother, Bare and fellow vet Nick Watson co-founded Veterans Expeditions to get other returning soldiers from all eras outdoors. Like him, they reported relief from PTSD.

Fascinated, Bare sensed that there may be something therapeutic in nature beyond exercise and relaxation—something like the psychological and social shifts that awe brings.

Making a difference: Crossing guard spreads happiness

Prioritize exercise. Support the arts. Participating in the arts for just two hours a week was enough to improve mental well-being in a recent study at The University of Western Australia. Banish the ghosts of holidays past.

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To help re-train your brain, dedicate some time to reveling in good holiday memories. Sit quietly and call up a happy moment, reliving it in the greatest detail you can muster, and let the good feelings soak into your cells. Empty comment. You seem to be logged out.

Hunt for Happiness Week: Co-Existing with Parade-Rainers

Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! Use your Parade. Don't have an account? Sign up. Create a Parade. An email has been sent to you. She also needed time to pull herself together after the April passing of old friend Prince, who died of a drug overdose.

Macy's hires 1,000 people for the Thanksgiving Day Parade—here's what it takes to get the job

Some six months later, Khan entered rehab to deal with her own prescription-drug addiction. And this parade, with its roses in winter, seems the perfect place for a perennial to make her return.

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Khan even has her regal wave ready the masses. You know, the Queen is very stingy with her energy. Chaka Khan performs onstage following the 'Quincy' red carpet premiere on Sept.