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Balteau, membre titulaire, a la seance du Academie Nationale de Reims. Imprimerie de l'Academie, Reims, N. Monce, Directeur; 24 Rue Pluche, Imprimerie Sa'adih, Cairo, Egypt Putnam's Sons London, Cheyne's "The Reconciliation of Races and Religions". Adam and Charles Black, Sir Francis Younghusband's "The Gleam". John Murray, Albemarle Street, London, Samandar's manuscript unpublished Browne's "The Persian Revolution". The Christian Commonwealth, January 22, Nariman's "Persia and Parsis," Part I.

Estlin Carpenter's "Comparative Religion" Gibb Memorial Series, vol. Lisanu'l-Mulk, known as Sipihr. For a general and fuller bibliography, refer to:. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, , pp. Browne, JRAS 29, , pp. A study of the uprisings from a Marxist point of view exists by Mikhail Ivanov: Babidskie vosstaniya v Irane , Leningrad, Sources are dealt with in D.

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Important contemporary documents are published in M. Momen, ed.

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See also P. Bosworth and C. Hillenbrand, eds. Smith, ed. The siege was finally ended by a ruse and the surviving Babis either executed or taken prisoner. In the course of heavy fighting between the Babis and several contingents of state troops, from 1, to 1, Babis lost their lives and parts of the town were badly damaged. Later estimates of 20, and more found in some Bahai works do not, in fact, correspond to the more detailed figures given in Bahai historical sources.

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It is impossible to identify a consistent pattern in these events. Smallness of numbers, a limited social base, lack of a centralized or coordinated leadership, the absence of an agreed policy, and conflicts of motive all combined to rob the Babi uprisings of any potential they might otherwise have had of acting as catalysts for a broader movement for social, religious, or political change. Shoghi Effendi, New York, , chaps. Browne, 2 vols.

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Babism in Neyriz. Bibliography : The bibliography of Babism, both published and unpublished, is vast and uneven. Browne, London and Leiden, , pp.

A History and Sociology of the Baha'is from a Globalisation Perspective

Broader analyses: M. Ivanov, Babidskie vosstaniya v Irane , Moscow,