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Me , Entwicklung, Erprobung und Fertigung. Me , Erprobung und Einsatz. Me , Konzepte und Entwicklung.

De Havilland Mosquito: The Plane That Saved Britain (part 2of 2)

Men who Flew the Mosquito, the. Messerschmitt Bf. Messerschmitt Me. Messerschmitts over Sicily. Mistel, German Composite Aircraft and Operations More Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile. Mosquito Thunder, No. Mosquito, the illustrated History sbk. Mustang Designer, Edgar Schmued and the P Nachtjager Heinkel He. Nakajima Ki Hayabusa Oscar. Nakajima Ki Shoki Tojo. Nakajima Ki Donryu Helen. Nighthawk F Stealth Fighter Reprint. Nine Lives of a Fighter Pilot.

de Havilland Mosquito

Northrop P Black Widow Motorbooks. Northrop P Black Widow Schiffer. P Lightning Combat Action! P Pilots, the Fighter-Bomber Boys. P Thunderbolt, the Operational Record Motorbooks. P Mustang Flying Legends. P Mustang - A Photo Chronicle. P Mustang Nose Art Gallery. Schooldays to Spitfire. Serenade to the Big Bird, a new edition of the Classic B Sigh for a Merlin hbk. Spitfire - A Test Pilot's Story softback. Spitfire - the History. Spitfire II; the Canadians. Spitfire International. Spitfire Story revised reprint. Spitfire Summer, when Britain stood Alone. Spitfire; the Canadians.

Spitfires over Sicily, Jan - August Stalin's V-2 Whertechnik und Wissenschaftliche Waffenkunde. Strahlflugzeuge Arado Ar. Straight Down! Stuka Pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Stuka, Angriff: Sturzflug. Stuka, die Geschichte der Ju. Superfortress over Japan. Swordfish; the story of the Taranto Raid. Swordfish; the Story of the Taranto Raid sbk. They gave me a Seafire. Those Legendary Piper Cubs. Toupolev Tu-2, Album Historique. Tupolev SB, Bombardiers Sovietiques. Valor at Polebrook, the last flight of ten Horsepower.

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War in a Stringbag Cassell. Whitley Boys - 4 Group Operations Wildcats over Casablanca Ayling. Aero Detail. Macchi C. Lockheed P Lighting. Nakajima Ki Oscar Hayabusa. Ailes de Gloire. Morane Saulnier MSC1. La Chasse F. Tome I ; Hawker Hurricane. Les Dewoitine D. Loire et Olivier LeO Air Force Legends. Aircraft of the Aces. Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force. Wildcat Aces of the Pacific. Late Marque Spitfire Aces Hellcat Aces of World War 2. Spitfire Mk.

P Airacobra Aces of World War 2. P Warhawk Aces of the Pacific. Hurricane Aces Aircraft Monograph. Junker Ju.

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Alas Espanolas. Savoia Marchettie S, part 1. Savoia Marchetti SM. SAI - Ambrosini and Derivatives. Ali E Colori. Macchi MC. Ali Straniere. Gli Altri Tedeschi, Ju. At War. Messerschmidt Bf. In Australian Service. Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk. Osprey Aviation Elite Series. Reggiane Re. A Mangusta Italian Attack Helicopter.

Hors Serie - Avions. Les Messerschmitt Espagnols. Le Caudron C. Les Ailes de la Royal Aeronavale Les Messerschmitt Suisses new edition. Belgie in Oorlog. De Laatste Vlucht van 'Yvonne Proudbag'. Lancaster Verliezen in Belgie Deel 1. Lancaster Verliezen in Belgie Deel 3. Black Cross. Luchtmachthistorie Brochures. We flew the Rocket Firing Typhoon. Broken Eagles. Trumpeter Catalog Claims to Fame series. Classic Colours. Combat Colours. Combat Legends. North American P Mustang.

Spitfire Marks VI to Crowood Aviation Series. Consolidated B Liberator sbk. De Havilland Mosquito hbk. De Havilland Mosquito sbk. Douglas A and B Invader. Douglas AD-4 Skyraider. Lockheed P Lightning. North American B Mitchell. F6F Hellcat revised edition. P Mustang part 1, prototype through PC. SB2C Helldiver including A P Warhawk in detail part 1.

P Warhawk in detail part 2. P Airacobra in detail. Dutch Profile. Eagle Files. Yellow 10, Focke-Wulf Fw. Augsburgs' Last Eagles. Edition Flugzeugtechnik. Enthusiast Color Series. Flugzeug Profile. DeHavilland Tiger Moth. IIIH Varianten. Siebel Fh. Deutsche Kreisflugelflugzeuge. Bucker Bu. Raketenabfangjager im 2. Fieseler Fi. Grandi Monografie, le.

Histoire de l'Aviation. Les Avions Caudron Vol. II In Action. Curtiss P in Action. Messerschmitt BF. P Airacobra in action. P Mustang in action. PV-1 Ventura in Action. B Marauder in action. Avro Lancaster in action. SB2C Helldiver in Action. PBY Catalina in Action. SBD Dauntless in action. P Thunderbolt in action. B Liberator in action. P Lightning in Action. OS2U Kingfisher in Action. Mosquito in Action part 1. Mosquito in Action part 2.

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Grumman Biplane Fighters. Polikarpov Fighters Part 2. Fiat CR. Henschel Hs. Reggiane Fighters in Action. Petlyakov Pe-2 in Action. III In Action. Curtiss C Commando in Action. Fallschirmjager in Action. US Light Carriers in Action. In Focus. B Groups of the 8th Air Force. B Liberator Groups of the 8th Air Force.

Czechs in the Air Force. Mosquito Fighter Squadrons.

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Kagero Monograph Series. Legends of the Air. Lock On Series. Concludes with a look at his period of active service, which tragically ended on his first mission on the de Havilland Mosquito. The result is a very entertaining biography that covers an unusual area of the RAF experience of the war [ read full review ]. Split into two halves — a narrative account of the Group's activities within Bomber Command and a reference section covering each squadron and its aircraft.

The narrative takes us day-by-day through the Group's main raids, including losses and a look at the success or failure of the raids. A useful reference work, and also a sobering reminder of the scale of losses suffered by Bomber Command throughout the war. An interesting account of the early days of flight in Britain, from the research into gliders, through various unsuccessful attempts at powered flights and into the post-Wright Brothers world, when the pioneers of the British aviation industry came to the fore, a group of remarkable men that included the Short brothers, A.

Focuses on sites where there is still something to be found, mainly on areas with public access, spread out across the high ground of Britain and Ireland. Includes accounts of the causes of the crash, the fate of the crew and their passengers, descriptions of the location of the crash sites and what will be found on them.

Focuses very much on the pilots, with most pictures showing pilots on the ground, in their cockpits or even in the bath. Supported by excellent captions that trace the careers of the pilots and useful chapter introductions that set the scene. Also includes useful pictures of RAF airfields and a good selection of aircraft on the ground, but will be of most value for the collection of pictures of pilots.

Covers a wider period that the title might make you expect, from the pre-war period to the point where the Luftwaffe switched from attacks on airfields to the attack on London. Has a different feel to other books on the topic, including poetry and a focus on the terrible strain suffered at the airfields subjected to heaviest attack and by the pilots themselves. An excellent book that looks at the experiences of the black Caribbean volunteers who served in RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War, tracing their steps from their island homes, through the difficult process of volunteering, to their experiences of RAF life, combat and in some cases captivity as a POW.

Looks at the long career of a scientist who served with an honorary commission in the RAF, won the George Medal during the Second World War and went on to have a long career in the first part of the Cold War. Looks at the activities of the RAF's tactical air force in the North Africa and Italian Theatres, where it developed many of the close support techniques used with greater fame by 2nd Tactical Air Force in Normandy.

This is a valuable account of the services of a key, but often overlooked, part of the wartime RAF. Looks at the careers and long term impact of the life of a series of crucial pioneers of British aviation, from the birth of powered flight to the Jet age. Combines biographies of the key figures with a history of the companies they founded and key milestones they helped achieve.

Airway to the East and the collapse of No. An account of the disastrous failure of the RAF's first attempt to move large numbers of aircraft over a long distance by air, in this case from France to Egypt in Eight men were killed and many of the aircraft were lost before the attempt was abandoned, but it did provide some invaluable experience in the long-distance movement of military aircraft.

A look at the history of the Short Empire Flying Boat, from the pioneering long-distance routes flow by Imperial Airways to their unglamorous but vital role as a long range passenger transport aircraft during the Second World War. An interesting account of the adventurous and rather more romantic early days of civil aviation, with a useful section of the wartime service of the Empire boats.

A super entry in the Images of War series showing most major British fighters at various stages of construction, allowing us to understand the underlying structures hidden beneath their skins.

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Also includes sections on propellers, the 20mm cannon, engines and the manufacturing process itself. A very useful book for anyone interested in Second World War aircraft. A history of Coastal Command's Strike Wings, dedicated groups of anti-shipping squadrons that devastated German coastal shipping during the Second World War, but at a very high cost, written by someone who flew in the same role after the war and with a great use of eyewitness accounts and both Allied and German sources.

Falls into three very different sections, examining the small scale bombing of the First World War, the massive bombing campaign of the Blitz and the V weapons of the Second World War, and the terrorist attacks of recent years. Add to Basket. Book Description The Crowood Press, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description The Crowood Press.

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